Halloween can be a fun time for all to dress up in costumes, enjoy parties and eat yummy treats.  Here are some tips to stay safe this weekend:



⦁ A good meal prior to parties and trick-or-treating will discourage youngsters from filling up on Halloween treats.
⦁ Wait until children are home to sort and check treats where a responsible adult should closely examine all treats and throw away any spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious items.
⦁ Try to ration treats for the days following Halloween.


⦁ Trick-or-treat in groups or with a responsible adult
⦁ If older children are going trick-or-treating alone, plan and review an acceptable route beforehand
⦁ Put reflective tape on costumes/bags to help drives see you when it’s dark out


⦁ Bring a flashlight to help you see and to make sure others can see you!
⦁ Only go to homes with a porch light on and NEVER enter a home or car for a treat
⦁ Remain on well lit streets and always use the sidewalk
⦁ Look both ways before crossing the street


⦁ Stay away from decorative contact lenses! They can cause a serious eye injury
⦁ Make sure that shoes fit well and that costumes are short enough to prevent tripping
⦁ Keep small children away when carving pumpkins.  Encourage them instead to draw a face with markers and then parents can do the cutting
⦁ Consider using a glow stick or flashlight instead of a candle to light your pumpkin
⦁ Candlelit pumpkins should never be left unattended

⦁ Remember chocolate can kill dogs so keep them in places that your pets can’t reach!
⦁ Consider keeping out treats to reward your pets with good behavior throughout the evening (especially if they are being bothered by trick-or-treaters!)
⦁ A dog’s instinct is to protect you so strangers dressed in weird clothes showing up at your doorstep can be scary! Keep your pet on a leash or a place in the home where they feel comfortable and where they can’t accidently run out the front door
⦁ You might want to dress your pet up, but if your pet seems stressed out it might be best to just ditch the costume. If they don’t seem to care about being dressed up, then make sure there is nothing that can be considered a choking hazard