It is usually a good idea to consult with a lawyer about major events/changes. Attorneys will be able to discuss your rights (and your children’s rights.) They will be able to advise you on the current laws in your state concerning marriage, divorce, marital property, child custody, and visitation.

What Are The Legal Grounds For Obtaining A Divorce?

It depends on what state. It may be based on no-fault or fault.

No-Fault: Available in some form in all 50 states (many states also have fault-based grounds as an additional option). A no-fault divorce is one in which neither the husband nor the wife officially blames the other for the breakdown of the marriage.

Fault: Reasons for divorce may include: adultery, physical cruelty, mental cruelty, attempted murder, desertion, habitual drunkenness, use of addictive drugs, insanity, impotency, and infection of one’s spouse with venereal disease.

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