Another summer has flown by and many parents are preparing for their kids for a new school year. It can be a difficult time for parents and children in divorced families. One of the best ways to prepare for a smooth transition is to plan ahead with your co-parent. There are a variety of ways (and even apps) to prepare together so both you and your child can have a successful and stress-free year.


Many schools have their academic calendars online. Make sure all important events (ex: field trips, doctor appointments, sports practices, school closings, parent-teacher conferences, etc.) are written down and shared with your co-parent. One of the best methods is a shared cyber calendar. The most popular one available is Our Family Wizard. This will easily allow you and your former spouse to be on the same page. Less time spent arguing over the chaotic year ahead means more time with your children.

Here’s to a successful and stress-free school year!